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About Dr. Blanda

I am a recently retired orthopedic surgeon that served the Akron area for 38 years. I continue to share my passion about the health benefits of nature and how a mindful connection with nature can encourage each of us to do more to help nature heal.

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Mission Statement

The mission of Nature Can Heal is to share my passion on the health benefits of nature through communication and connection. I will try to collaborate efforts to encourage people to utilize nature to improve their well-being (nature can heal us). Ultimately I am hopeful that having a mindful connection to nature will encourage each of us to be more aware and involved in conservation and climate activism (nature can heal if we help it). 

My Strategy:

  • To connect with others to help them realize the health benefits of nature.

  • To lead walks and conversations especially in population that can benefit best from nature therapy

  • To give presentations 

  • To share my message through writing blogs and contributing to social media

  • To help develop a Park Prescription program in NE Ohio that especially reaches the underserved population.

  • To develop programming for healthcare providers to better understand the importance of offering nature therapy to their patients

  • To educate people on how to create a “natures cape” in their living space or back yards.

  • Create photo exhibits on the health benefits of nature

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